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We are a Proprietary Quant Trading Group

We use artificial intelligence to trade for a coalition of vision-aligned partners to grow our collective liquidity for value-aligned ventures.


We are a team of Quant Researchers and AI Developers Building Private Strategic Liquidity

Harmonai conducts research in artificial intelligence to trade with quantitative predictive models without a discretionary thesis.

We strictly adhere to mathematical methods to generate signals to trade in open free markets with the objective to grow our proprietary liquidity pool.

We do not provide services to general public or investors.​ We do not actively seek new capital investment and we do not manage external capital.

Fear is not a motive.

Strategies that rely on culture, capital, flow, or access privilege to technology and markets are not defensible as competitors will acquire the same. Privilege is diminished by innovation. We accept data-driven reality of change and embrace active innovation in all dimensions of our operations, analytics, data, culture, capital efficiency, and leadership.

We operate strictly systematically.

Because we do not rely on a fixed view of fundamental conditions for our signals, we trade in any direction, size, and leverage that we find quantitatively optimal. We participate ethically and comprehensively in fair and functional markets within law.

Hope is not a strategy.

Investments that rely on fixed views of the fundamental conditions of assets are not defensible from actors who can affect or obfuscate rapid changes in conditions. Our quantitative edge gives us a dynamic and objective view of conditions under any regime. 

We conduct statistical learning research to optimize sustainable edge in volatile markets with dynamic and asymmetrically distributed participant liquidity. Our returns vary across time with dynamic liquidity and risk conditions.

Prior Deployments in Numbers


Max Daily Notional Volume


Max Number of Daily Transactions


Average Number of Net Loss Days Per Year


Are You an AI Developer, Quantitative Researcher, or Prospective Capital Partner Exploring Alignment?

We collaborate with developers, quantitative researchers, sovereign individuals, and representatives of institutions, who are strategically aligned with us, to deploy our signals to generate excess returns towards our value-aligned missions with quantified benchmarks.

If you are interested in working with us, let's connect:

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