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Our vision is to bring harmony to our  money with artificial intelligence.


We trade solely for our coalition of partners, aligned on a sustainable, free, and abundant future vision.

We build trust and lasting relationships with our core contributors and partners to align our reinvestments towards our vision.

Harmony is our thesis.

Fear is not a tool.

Strategies that rely on centralization of capital, flow, or technology are not defensible from competitors who will acquire the same. Innovation makes privilege obsolete.

Hope is not a strategy.

Investments that rely on fixed fundamental conditions of freely traded assets are not defensible from actors who can affect or obfuscate rapid changes in conditions.

Systematic anti-fragility is our method.

We trade systematically and avoid discretionary investments. 

Because we do not rely on a fixed view of fundamental conditions for our signals, we trade in any direction, size, and leverage that we find quantitatively optimal.

We trade autonomously and in all free and fair electronic markets.

Because we do not rely on external capital for our trades, we participate ethically, inclusively, and comprehensively in global markets.

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